Cedar Valley Ranch Mini American Shepherds and Mini Australian Shepherds

Cedar Valley Ranch Mini American Shepherds formerly known as Mini Aussies or Miniature Australian Shepherds

Welcome to Cedar Valley Ranch

Home of the beautiful Mini American Shepherds formerly known as the Mini Aussie. We are located just an hours drive from Sacramento At the base of the Sierra Nevada Foothills.



Welcome to Cedar Valley Ranch....enjoy your stay! Home of the beautiful Miniature American Shepherd and

Mini Australian Shepherds.  

I am a small hobby breeder that loves my critters large and small!

They make wonderful and devoted family pets, always wanting to please. They

can be very protective over their family's and homes and often standoffish with strangers.

Mini Aussie's make excellent agility, obedience, fly ball or just awesome best friends!

My mini's are great travelers, they love to go whether it is a trip to the store or a trip 

across the country, they just want to be with their people family! We strive for top quality puppies,that are happy and well socialized to provide your family with many years of enjoyment. They are raised in a loving home environment.

I have been raising Miniature Australian shepherds since 1998, and now Mini American Shepherds since the name was changed when they were accepted into AKC. I try to breed for a top quality companion, that is 

a healthy, smart, and beautiful dog! All of my breeding dogs have had their hips OFA'd and their 

eyes Cerfed Clear with a doggy  ophthamologist, and also genetically tested for PRA, MDR1, HC and DM. All of My babies are raised as part of the family and are guaranteed against any 

hereditary or congenital defects for 3 years. I do not however guarantee size. 

 At any time during the life of a puppy I have 

sold, if you are unable to keep him or her I will gladly take that dog back and find them a home or help you place him in a home.

My Puppies are raised as part of the family, and are used to seeing other animals such as our Mules and horses 

and cats. They are used to seeing the chickens, donkeys and cows!  We want them to have a well 

rounded  puppy  hood so they can be the best possible pet and companion for many years to come.


We feed and recommend  LIFES ABUNDANCE  dog food. Please follow the link below to explore their site. They have had no recalls to date, which is huge to me. It is formulated by a vet And made in small Batches so is fresher  than the food that has been sitting in a warehouse for months. I want my dogs and puppies eating the very best food available.